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Solar Powered PC, maybe for Cryptocurrency Mining - 868

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Running a PC right of solar, or just from a 12 volt car battery, is something I knew existed, but had never tried,, and so I spend a few hours playing with that. Because I have seen videos with people running Bitcoin mining rigs from solar,, and going from 12/24V DC to 110/220AC, and then back down to DC,, which is kind of stupid.

This nice Flexible Solar Panel was send to me from Banggood. (Sponsored for review)
The one I got : but there are different sizes available at different prices.

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250w DC-ATX 12v Mini Itx Power Supply -

Even just 1$ a month, comes out to the same as Binge-watching like 400+ of me Videos every month.

My PlayHouse is a channel where i will show, what i am working on. I have this house, it is 168 Square Meters / 1808.3ft² and it is full, of half-finished projects.

I love working with heating, insulation, Servers, computers, Datacenter, green power, alternative energy, solar, wind and more. It all costs, but I'm trying to get the most out of my money, and my time.

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