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Ripple XRP Price Prediction | How Much XRP Do You Need To Be Rich?

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Download your e-Book above. You'll be getting full information about Ripple XRP crypto coin, written by a trusted researcher. This is not investment advice. We are not financial advisers. We supply you with information only, so that you can make a sound decision.

An XRP price prediction is rather difficult to arrive at. We are waiting for growth in use cases, and the ultimate mass adoption of XRP liquidity by the World's biggest banks. I believe it will come, due to the IMF saying that big banks must adapt to the new technology, or die. xrp price prediction depends on this adoption of digital systems on The Internet, to replace the aging SWIFT correspondent banking system.

XRP is extremely secure, a thousand times cheaper in transaction costs, very scalable to 1,500 tps and eventually 50,000 tps. XRP is also a thousand times faster to transact and even to settle cross border payments, using the xRapid software. Compared to bitcoin. Ripple XRP takes 3.5 seconds. The cobalt software update may speed this up to one second. These digital asset transfers are becoming as fast as email.

The Internet Of Value will send money across The World, as fast as information is currently traveling globally. It is practically at the speed of light, as electrons are excited in cables, copper wire, and radio waves.

XRP price prediction is calculable only with a very large error factor. This is not financial advice.

Geoff Dodd

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