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Pi Network Crypto | Latest CryptoCurrency | Mine Currency From Mobile

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Pi Network, #CryptoCurrency

Hey there welcome to #AppEarningTricks
In this video, I've shown the Easiest way to Earn Money from Mobile.

I've Introduced you with one of the Trendiest and Latest Cryptocurrency. It is the World's First Cryptocurrency that allows users to Mine from Mobile Phone using their Official Miner Application.

This Official Miner Application allows registration only through Referrals so you'd need my Referral Code to Register.

Name of the Latest Cryptocurrency - Pi Network
Application Link -
Referral Code - jaisonagy

Once you click on the link mentioned above, you'll be redirected to the Official Website. Just click on the Download, and you'd be redirected to the Playstore App.
Download the Playstore Application once the Application gets Downloaded, Signup with the Basic Details and on the Referral Code page just enter my referral code mentioned above.

That's it, and you're done.

Things that make Pi Network SpecialInvented by Ph.D. holders from Stanford University
2) Mining from Phone is Possible
3) Doesn't drain your phone battery or the RAM.
4) You just need to open this Application once a day, when you receive a notification.
5) Coins for Mining is dependant on the number of Active Referrals you have.

Talking about the Rates of 1Pi Coins in USD.
Usually all Cryptocurrency like the Bitcoins, Ehterum have prices in comparison to the USD
It's not the case in Pi Network because of its new launch it'll take some time, for the Rates of the Pi Network to be Official as soon as it happens I'll notify you in my next video.

If you got any queries do comment down below...

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