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How to Increase Profit in Stock Market?

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How to Increase Profit in Stock Market? is one of the most common doubts among retail investors or traders. In this video, I have 7 tips or hacks or tricks to increase your profit in the share market based on my personal experience.

1. As an investor or trader, you should avoid over trading. You should focus on quality, not quantity. It is not necessary to catch all the trades.
2. You should identify very highly volatile periods during trading hours as you can maximize your profit by trading during this period. In my option, the stock market provides two opportunities during the day i.e. one before 11:30 AM and second after 1:30 PM
3. Intraday trading on volatile stocks with best trading setup i.e. range-bound or continuation pattern result in high returns during the volatility.
4. You should only take trades with a favorable risk-reward ratio. Ideally, it is advisable to trade near support and resistance points for maximum profit.
5. You should not be greedy in the stock market. Consistent profit is the key to success.
6. You should not trade daily. After 2-3 continuous profitable trades, you should take a break
7. Lastly, follow all the rules and regulations of your trade be it intraday, swing or positional trade.

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