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He Found My MLM Video On Amway Refreshing

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He Found My MLM Video On Amway Refreshing

Here's the recap of what he left on my youtube channel:
Him: Very refreshing to hear your 'take' on this which is pragmatic and gives some clear insights into the issues that arise about MLMs.

I especially resonate with what you say about making choices and taking responsibility, and finding or creating ways to do it better or more authentically, rather than just complaining about it being 'fake' or 'plastic'.

That's the path that I'm currently on, as I'm currently working with two MLM companies, one of which is a well established global company based in Europe, the other one being a small brand new UK based company which only launched in June of last year, where I am a 'pioneer distributor'.

Both are good genuine network marketing companies, that take on the financial risk and invest in producing/sourcing products that customers want and need, and in providing the infrastructure, stock control, IT system, product literature, legal compliance and management skills and expertise.

This is the aspect of MLM companies that doesn't very often get talked about, and should be highlighted more, imo - as there needs to be more awareness of how much investment and hard work and dedication goes on behind the scenes in creating a successful network marketing company - and is also what distinguishes a genuine company from a pyramid scheme.

It's a great business model when done in an ethical way, as a form of partnership between a company and a network of individuals.

In my experience there are, however some issues with the way in which people are 'recruited' and 'trained' and the pressures to become a 'devotee' of the company, and where 'the profit motive' takes over so other people become a means to an end.

And also a form of 'dumbing down' to the lowest common denominator, in the interests of 'keeping it simple' and 'duplicatable' - which is in order to make it accessible to 'anyone', but which often results in a 'one size fits all' approach and suppression of any kind of innovation or 'thinking outside the box'.

But for me, part of my 'why' for being involved is all about finding/creating alternatives, and being a pioneer at the cutting edge of how this industry can evolve.

Lance: thank you for sharing your experiences with MLMs and for being so reasonable in your assessment of the industry! It was refreshing to read your perspective!


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