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Dividend Investing - Best Dividend ETFs/Index Funds

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Dividend Investing - Best Dividend ETFs/Index Funds

Dividend investing is a common way to generate retirement income, and for good reason. Dividend payments are relatively stable through rough markets, perfect for retirees. There are some dividend investing mistakes that will most definitely leave you with money lost, so use caution with this investing strategy. I conducted extensive research to find dividend ETFs/Index Funds that provide reasonably high, safe yield for minimal cost and compiled them into this list.

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Each of these videos is completely original--written, narrated and animated by myself.
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Extensive research is collected for each video which is then compiled into a written script. The script is then narrated by me and the animated using VideoScribe. Each image is individually selected, timed and synced with the narration to create a flowing video.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing published on my channel should be considered personal investment advice. Although I do discuss various types of investments and strategies, I am not a licensed professional. Please invest responsibly.

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