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Digital Marketing Q&A - Hump Day Hangouts - Episode 256

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0:00 Intro and announcements

12:26 Hey guys, a real estate client asked me about what we can do to make individual home listings appear higher in the SERPs for our website. Apparently in his city it's popular for people to search for a home by its address, like "123 Main Street." The idea is that his page for 123 Main Street would appear on top of rival brokerages', even though they're the same home. What could I do to make the client's home listing pages rank higher for specific addresses?

17:35 Its been a while. Have been swamped appliyng the knowledge from your incredible, money produsing courses! Got time for Quick advice? Got a new client whose GMB is controlled by an ex-partner with whom they parted ways (embezzlement charges)... What, in your opinion, would be the best way to get control over their GMB? Contacting their ex-partner is not an option. It does not have much value at this time. Just 3-4 positive reviews, with one negative that ex-partner left. Is there a way to just cancel it and start fresh? Any negative effect from that? They have moved into a different unit (same building) and kept same number. Thank you in advance! //Jenia

21:52 Hi Guys, . . . Thank you VERY much again for the great help you provide everyone on Hump Days (smile) . . . I know that the NAP info on a GMB listing has to be the exact same as it is on the other directory sites etc, but does the website url fall under the same umbrella as the NAP, in other words, can you change the website url for a business on a GMB listing without making the same change on all citations and not have the change negatively affect the GMB ranking?

25:43 HI guys, I'm trying to incorporate MGYB services into my client budget proposals, but need some clarity to move forward. How long does it generally take for a blast of MGYB web2.0 links to fall out of the index? what is the minimum purchase frequency for them to be safe and effective? would it be ok to use 1 nitro link pack every 2 or 3 months on an aged site with moderately high competition? Will that still give any punch and not look suspicious? Do the MGYB Embeds also fall out of the index and need to be repurchased at certain intervals? I see the recommended embed packages all include a level of linkbuilding. Would these embed packs also be an ongoing purchase? Thanks!

32:24 Are any of your clients "self hosting?" By self hosting I mean their website is hosted on their server not a hosting service. I have a prospective client who says he has been self hosting for 15 years. However, when I do a test on Whois Hosting This the result says it is hosted by Logix and gives domain control locations with xx and yy as substitutes for real numbers. My prospect is positive the hosting is on his server because he is not paying for hosting services. This is way out of my skill set. Any help appreciated

39:24 Is there a list of the required info to onboard clients for each of the MGYB offerings? If so, where can I find it.

43:09 and more exact keywords domain names, Can you please share a short strategy if there is on how to use it? THANKS!!!!!

47:01 Another question please (: About URLs structure, which one is better? or: Thank you!!
UltraDNS Client Redirection Service

50:40 I'm just starting out and wondering how do you determine what to charge a client so I'm not undervaluing myself or overpricing a client ?

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