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Cryptohands presentation - The first risk free blockchain project on a smart contract on Ethereum

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The easiest way to make money in the crypto industry. (ENGLISH)

Scam risk: 0%

Participation fee: 0.05 ETH ($ 10), fixed.

Investment return: From the first referral (yours, or from your upline)

Maximum possible earnings per year: 10,000 ETH

Script: Ethereum Smart Contract

Available payment systems: Only ETH

Payment type: Automatically to the wallet

Passive income: Overage from all your uplines and free referrals distributed by the system (users who join without a referral link)

Use this link to join this project. You need only 0.055 ETH (about $10, 0.05 + 0.005 for GAS), this is the maximum amount you can lose in this project)

You need to invite only 3 people at your link, your people will transfer 0.05 ETH to you each, after you can buy levels from higher level people, in order to earn even more, the second level costs 0.15 ETH, which you get from your downline, so, don't need to invest more. The higher the level, the profit will be much more.

You can also build your downline referrals - their downlines, in order to earn more, or just wait, but it will take more time.
Maximum possible earnings are up to 10,000 ETH, though real earning will likely to be much lower, BUT STILL, you can earn a few ETH! And this is all for an investment of only 0.05 ETH. Also your upline will help you to build you own structure

Go to the site and click Registration, you just need to make a transaction of 0.05 ETH via Metamask, is automatic, you just login with your Metamask.

Or click Manual and you can do it via , but there you need to manually send the transaction and when making the transaction in the Advanced settings add the ETH wallet 0x0d67F32EcB1cfCc03Fb71D5Bd2 in the Add Data field and transfer 0.05 ETH and the system will automatically put you in the right place. This is all you need to do to register in the project!

All transactions are public an can be checked on the Etherscan

I really like this project and I think everyone can make good money out of it. Join and start earning with our community, and, certainly, bringing your people is very welcome, let's succeed together

You're welcome to join our English chat on Telegram

P.S. If the system says that you came without a referral link, you can add this ETH address in the field 0x0d67F32EcB1cfCc03Fb71D5Bd2 and that's it #Cryptohands #Ethereum #invest


►Telegram :


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