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But How Will He Pay For It? Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend

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But How Will He Pay For It? Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend

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Andrew Yang is quickly becoming the most supported candidate running in the 2020 presidential race. Anywhere you go online the only support anyone can see is the excitement around Yang's campaign. The media wants to pretend that he is a longshot but it is quickly becoming them that have no chance of making it for the long run with their biased content and one-sided fake journalism. The only criticism we see online, especially when someone is first learning about Yang's campaign, is the question of how will he pay for the freedom dividend. Too long now our government borrows any amount of money they want and spends unknown amounts on invading innocent countries in the name of the war on terrorism. No one questions where any of that money comes from, didn't they just spend a trillion on 1 fighter jet? oh, sorry, it was 1.5 trillion on the f35 fighter jet. No questions raised about how they pay for that. The Pentagon paid $44 billion for 21 very fragile B-2 stealth bombers, few of which still fly in combat roles. So we have to ask ourselves, do the people deserve a piece of this economic success or should our government just keep wasting our tax money chasing another bogus goal? It's time for them to invest in the people instead of wasting the money on nothing. This video explains how Andrew Yang will pay for his freedom dividend.

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