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Bitcoin Mining | How does Bitcoin work and secured? | #NoobAsks

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Bitcoin Mining is said to be the backbone of the Bitcoin Network. Is it still profitable to learn about Mining today? How to start with Bitcoin Mining as a beginner?
In this episode, Kelly and I are going to discuss a few facts and trending controversies on Mining. I will take you through various consensus of Mining on a Bitcoin public ledger (Blockchain) including proof-of-work, proof-of-stake and delegated proof-of-stake in a super easy and fun way. I am also going to tip-off on different platforms that use DPOS and how to take care of your cryptocurrencies. Validating transactions and how? Get on board with me.
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Hi! My name is Jonathan Baha’i. I’m the president of the Peerplays Blockchain Standard Association (PBSA). We aim to bring provably fair gaming to the world along with new features that provide value to gamers, developers, and regulators.
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